Jake Agnew
Jake is the Founder of Skincare Hero. Plagued by acne in his early teens, Jake turned to science to learn more about how skincare products actually work. He is committed to researching and recommending the best products, based on science. Jake attended Penn State University where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. Using what he learned in school, Jake founded Skincare Hero with the goals of educating people on how to properly take care of your skin.

Jake Agnew's recent articles

Acne Scars 5 years ago

Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne Scars

Hailed as the wonder drug in the fight against acne, benzoyl peroxide is known for its versatility and effectiveness in treating active blemishes. Unfortunately, using benzoyl peroxide for acne scars will not deliver desirable results.
Acne 5 years ago

Hand Sanitizer for Acne

Hand sanitizers are a good choice when looking to clean your hands in a pinch. However, this product is not a miracle for acne breakouts.
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