Although benzoyl peroxide is a powerful tool in the fight against acne, the bleaching agent in the treatment often leaves behind telltale evidence on your towels, sheets, clothing, and other fabrics. One way that you can protect your linens is by purchasing benzoyl peroxide resistant towels.

Here is everything that you need to know about this special type of towel, the technology behind it, and other ways that you can protect your fabrics from benzoyl peroxide bleaching.

Why Does Benzoyl Peroxide Bleach Towels?

Like many types of peroxides, benzoyl peroxide is a potent bleaching agent. For this reason, you need to use the treatment with caution. When the peroxide comes into contact with fabrics or other types of material, it may lead to permanent bleaching. It is also not uncommon for secondary bleaching to occur if you use a towel to try to rub off the benzoyl peroxide from another surface or material.

Is Microfiber Resistant to Benzoyl Peroxide or Bleach?

Although benzoyl peroxide with not alter the color of microfiber materials, it will damage the actual fibers. This will eventually lead to the destruction of the item. Because of this, it is a good idea to skip the microfiber sheets if you plan on using benzoyl peroxide products.

3 Best Benzoyl Peroxide & Bleach Resistant Towels

1. Arkwright Bleach Safe Salon Towels

Arkwright Bleach Safe and Benzoyl Peroxide Resistant Salon Towels

Editor's Pick: Available in multiple colors and extremely affordable

Take the worry out of inadvertent towel bleaching with this product by Arkwright. The towels are available in a pack of 24 units. Choose from the color choices of black, burgundy, hunter green, chocolate, charcoal, and eggplant. The high-density towels are made with 100% ringspun cotton for a soft and absorbent construction. Measuring 16 x 28 inches, these towels deliver maximum coverage. These benzoyl peroxide & bleach resistant towels are a great addition to any bathroom, especially if you regularly use products containing benzoyl peroxide.

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2. Utopia Towels Bleach Proof Salon Towels

Utopia Towels (Bleach and Benzoyl Peroxide Resistant)

These are an excellent option for a salon, or someone who needs a large quantity

These towels measure 16 x 27 inches, making them the perfect size for a variety of uses. The towels are 100% cotton and are distinguished by their ability to resist bleach staining. The soft terry cloth material boasts maximum absorption and moisture retention. The ends of each towel are professionally hemmed to increase their durability. You can purchase these black towels in increments of 24 or 144.

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3. Eurow Microfiber Bleach Safe Hair Drying Towels

Eurow Microfiber Super Soft Professional Salon Bleach Safe & Benzoyl Peroxide Resistant Hair Drying Towels

Because these are microfiber (which benzoyl peroxide can degrade), they are best used for drying your skin after using a benzoyl peroxide wash

Constructed with microfiber, you will feel confident using your benzoyl peroxide products with these premium towels. Measuring 16 x 29 inches, these towels are sold in packs of 10. Because the microfiber is highly absorbent, these towels are a great choice for everyday use in the bathroom or around the house. The salon-quality towels are soft yet durable, withstanding hundreds of washes.

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What Makes Towels Bleach/Benzoyl Peroxide Resistant?

bleach safe dye process

(Photo Credit: MonarchBrands)

While they generally cost more than standard towels, the specially designed benzoyl peroxide resistant towels will save you money in the long run. What makes these unique towels resistant to benzoyl peroxide or bleach is the special dye process.

The Dye Process (Indanthren dye)

There are three primary ways to dye textiles: pigment dyeing, fiber-reactive dyeing, and vat dyeing. Bleach-resistant towels are generally processed through vat dyeing using a special Indanthren dye.

  • Towels processed through this dye can withstand washings at maximum temperatures of up to 212 degrees without losing color. 
  • These types of towels also have an exceptionally high degree of color.
  • As an added bonus, because of the ability to withstand high temperatures and still retain color, you can kill most germs and bacteria with every wash.

In short, this special dye makes these towels resistant to staining that normal towels would suffer from. FYI - just because a towel is bleach resistant, does not mean it is resistant to stains.

Tips for Sleeping With Benzoyl Peroxide

Because most people use benzoyl peroxide at night, it is not surprising that people sleep with the treatment on their body. Here are five tips for sleeping with benzoyl peroxide if you are looking to minimize the incidence of staining:

1. Use a Bleach-Resistant Towel on Your Pillowcase

One of the biggest casualties of benzoyl peroxide use is your pillowcase. This is because most people apply their benzoyl peroxide treatment at night shortly before going to bed. Because the product has not dried all the way, it is common for it to transfer to the pillowcase. To reduce the chance of this occurring, you can put a bleach-resistant towel on top of your pillowcase. This will protect your linens, giving you less to worry about at night.

2. Stop Sleeping with Benzoyl Peroxide

Instead of applying benzoyl peroxide at night before bedtime, consider changing up your skincare routine so that you apply the treatment as soon as you get home in the evening. Then you can wash it off before you go to bed so that you do not have to worry about the product bleaching your linens. The key is to remain consistent with your treatment regimen so that it remains effective in battling acne.

3. Use White Sheets & Pillow Cases

Because it only takes a small amount of benzoyl peroxide to transfer to your linens and stain them, it can be exceedingly challenging to prevent this discoloration. Making the choice to go all white with your towels and sheets will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Because white linens cannot bleach out any further, you will not be staring down these annoying stains every time you reach for a towel or bed sheet. Likewise, if you are using the treatment on your back or chest, you can wear a plain white t-shirt after the application process to prevent benzoyl peroxide from staining your clothes.

4. Rub in the Benzoyl Peroxide in Thoroughly

Even a small amount of benzoyl peroxide can wreak havoc on your clothes and linens. Be sure to get in the habit of rubbing in the treatment thoroughly with each application. After you have rubbed it in, you need to wash your hands with warm water and soap so that you do not accidentally transfer it to other materials.

5. Be Careful About Sweat

We cannot always control when and with what intensity we work up a sweat. This is especially true if you live in a hot and humid climate. However, as one of the biggest enemies of benzoyl peroxide, you want to be careful that the sweat does not set the treatment to stain. If you apply benzoyl peroxide at night, it is a good idea to thoroughly wash it off in the morning before heading out for a workout.

Summary: Best Benzoyl Peroxide & Bleach Resistant Towels

  1. Arkwright Bleach Safe Salon Towels
  2. Utopia Towels Bleach Proof Salon Towels
  3. Use White Sheets & Pillow Cases

The Bottom Line

While it is nearly impossible to prevent benzoyl peroxide from getting on your fabrics, there are steps that you can take to mitigate its bleaching power. By taking the proper precautions and choosing your towels wisely, you will be able to harness the power of this popular skincare treatment without constantly worrying about staining.
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